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My writing grew out of a family habit of storytelling, and I now believe that telling stories is as natural for most humans as breathing. Everywhere I look - in schools, grocery stores, churches, and parks - I see people talking in ways that sound like stories. The end results are laughter, tears, or amazement. Stories have that kind of power.

When I have the opportunity to lead writing workshops, I encourage participants to use their instincts for storytelling. Whether the starting point is a memory, a photo, or an audio file, I encourage people to initially approach a story in conversational terms, much like telling a story to a friend. Basic elements tend to emerge that can be crafted and shaped. My recent studies for and completion of an M.F.A. degree in writing have made me especially enthusiastic about leading workshops.

I am happy to offer a general workshop that guides participants through early steps in the writing and revising process:

  • ideas
  • first words on a blank page (or computer screen)
  • listening as a tool for a revising

The types of writing can be:

  • memoir
  • biography
  • magazine feature story
  • essay or opinion piece
  • fiction

For more narrowly focused workshops, here are some of my favorite topics:

For me, voice is the heart, soul, and attitude of a written work, and it is my conviction that voice requires vision. In this workshop, participants learn ways of looking at their own work (their vision) to strengthen the voice.

Writing humor
Sharing a laugh with a friend is easier than writing comedy for strangers. In this workshop, participants pursue writing exercises in response to photo prompts, analyze humor in works they admire, and refine a piece of their own writing.

Nature and writing
This workshop focuses on the natural world as a tool for all types of writers (not just science writers or environmental advocates). Emphasis is placed on observing and describing elements of the natural world (weather, geography, season) as a way to strengthen any type of story.

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